The Church in Trouble.

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The MOST DIRE, PRESSING, and VITAL need of the Christian Church today — even more so than hearing the next popular preacher’s dynamic sermon or devouring the latest trendy Christian book (which is the spiritual diet plan-approach of many Christians I know) — is a simple & unadorned, yet dedicated & passionate return to knowing, grasping, & understanding what it declares to be God’s very Word — THE BIBLE.

Without a proper longing & desire to know God’s Word, we can attempt to feed ourselves spiritually as much as we want on cool sermon jams with raised vocals & on the newest, hottest piece of Christian literature out on the shelves today — BUT on those things alone, the Christian Church & the Christians within its walls will still remain impotent, emaciated, & undernourished.

May the Christian Church return to the spiritually healthy state of being edified by & hungering for God’s divine words.  May we return to being “people of the Book.”  May we open our Bibles constantly to seek out God’s will & wisdom — daily & fervently.  That in itself will bring strength to Christ’s Church like nothing else can.


Shattered Pieces.

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Sometimes God will allow the pictures of our lives to shatter into a million pieces because they were never put together correctly in the first place. But after the shattering, He desires to pick up those pieces & lovingly put them back together… in a different way, the best way, the right & true way — with Him as the center piece.

Shattered Pieces 2

Where God’s Taken Us So Far… (What’s Catalyst LTM??)

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I’m Dave Sormillon — a 28-yr-old pastor.  Much of my life for the past 2 years has been focused on planting a church called “Catalyst LTM” in the city of Carson, CA.  Let me tell you a little bit about it!

God’s been moving & working in some AMAZING ways lately!  Even in a generation that seems to have given up on faith & spiritual matters, the ministry group that I’m currently a part of has had the pleasure in recent times of seeing people be radically & personally transformed because of their relationship with Jesus Christ!  This ministry group initially started out in 2007 as a college-age/young adult Sunday night Bible Study series I felt compelled to host out of my own living room called “Catalyst!”  I originally scheduled it to last only 2 Summer months & then conclude, but a handful of us would find out sometime later that God had MUCH BIGGER plans for these gatherings than we could even fathom!  That Summer of ’07 ended with the group refusing to let the Catalyst Sunday night gatherings come to an end!  Long story short:  What began as a small 10-person Bible Study has now grown into a group of 40-60 people meeting weekly on Sunday nights in a local rented church to seek the Lord – and it’s still growing!

Along with myself, a group of young passionate believers have come together from the Catalyst Bible Studies to try to fulfill the God-given vision of planting a growing, vibrant, and dynamic church in the city of Carson, CA! Our 16-person Launch Team consists of young, but proven, ministry leaders from a number of different churches in the Southern California area.  In one way or another, God has brought us together as a team & has laid upon our hearts the unified vision of reaching the city of Carson, as well as the greater South Bay area, for Jesus Christ!

Here’s how we envision that dream becoming a reality.  Within the next 4-6 months, we hope to officially plant a church called “Catalyst LTM” (with services on Sunday mornings, a small group ministry & a social service program)!  A “catalyst” is a scientific term which means “a substance that causes change without itself being affected.”  We chose this name because we believe that followers of Christ are to be agents of change in whatever context they find themselves in – with friends, with family, at work, at school, etc!  The acronym “LTM” stands for Love, Truth, and Movement.  These are the 3 core values of Catalyst Church, as well as our process of discipleship (as you’ll see below)!  Basically, if you’re growing in these areas consistently as a follower of Christ, then we feel you’re properly growing as a Christian!  It’s powerfully simple & really easy to understand.

Using the LTM process of discipleship, we desire for our members to be continuously progressing in the following areas:  (1) in their LOVE – for God and for other people, (2) in their knowledge of the TRUTH – by making a personal commitment to consistently study the Bible, God’s written Word, and (3) in their MOVEMENT – both in evangelism and in social service to others, because the Christian life is one of action & activity, not complacency!

As it stands right now, we [1] all meet together as a large corporate group on Sunday nights, [2] host youth Bible Study gatherings out of an old abandoned flower shop in the city that we renovated (Wednesday nights), [3] hold young adult prayer & sharing nights (Wednesday evenings also), and [4] put on 3 staple events: “Shockwave” (a revival/ outreach night), “Cans for the Poor” (a night which generates hundreds of cans of food for the less fortunate), and “Agape Fest” (an inter-church celebration centered around the unconditional love of God)!

If you’re ever in the Carson area on Sunday or Wednesday nights, we’d LOVE for you to drop by!  Keep updated with our happenings on our website —!  Much love in Christ!

Catalyst & friends @ our current venue of Grace Presbyterian Church!

Catalyst & friends @ our current venue of Grace Presbyterian Church!